My take on the biopsychosocial spiritual model

Table of Contents

I see people as holistic beings and I also believe we are not separate from our contexts such as our culture or career. Many things affect our emotional states and our wellbeing,  and part of our therapy will be to examine the effects of:


Physical health and genetics including illness, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and habits;


Psychological states including experience of conditions such as anxiety and depression, your thought life, patterns of behaviour, coping mechanisms, addictions, past or recent trauma and diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions.


Lifestyle factors; social life (including social media); family life and dynamics; work; interest groups; cultural contexts; stage of life; social-economic factors; protective factors and support systems.


Worldview or spiritual belief systems and how this influences identity, thoughts and behaviour.

Where appropriate, I can suggest referrals to other specialists to provide you with holistic perspectives and treatment.


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