Why Counselling

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Emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief and loss, and trauma have underlying issues such as a loss of identity, fear, shame or guilt. There is often a fear that if underlying emotions are revealed, that you won’t cope or things will get worse, and therefore it is better not to face them. Sometimes this leads to negative coping mechanisms such as avoidance (which builds up on the inside), addictions, anger, illness or a listless feeling of being stuck or powerless.

However, your unconscious mind and body already knows on many levels the very thing you fear – there is no escaping it, it’s whether you are controlled by the issues or you process the issues. There is courage and freedom in shining the light of examination and insight into the dark places to illuminate and liberate yourself. You can deal with what you can see so you don’t have to hide from what you don’t see. Counselling can provide the contained therapeutic space to look deep within yourself, evaluate your options and empower your inner strength.

Counselling VS Other Psychology

Counselling is slightly different in modality to other psychological disciplines because it is often non-diagnostic in nature and relies more on the work of the therapeutic relationship to explore issues. Whilst techniques and tools are employed (e.g. CBT thought tracking charts, experiential therapies, mindfulness etc), it is more integrative than using just one counselling modality and can allow for a more individualised approach, based on your needs and the nature of the relationship formed with the counsellor.

I am collaborative in my approach, working in partnership with my client, engaging in two-way dialogue. Rather than taking an ‘expert stance’ where I diagnose, assess and tell you what to do, I see my role as to companion with you to explore the issues that are coming up and then to help you decide what you want for your life.

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