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Coping with Grief and Loss

9 Grief and Loss Types & Stages

Grief is the multifaceted and often overwhelming response that we experience after a distressing or traumatic event. Often, we think of the death of a loved one but many other events can be the cause of experiencing grief and loss and include: 

  • Miscarriage, stillbirth or an infant born with significant health conditions or disability
  • Infertility (including the often-tumultuous IVF journey)
  • Lifestyle or financial loss such as bankruptcy, loss of a house or the loss of a job
  • End of a significant relationship – spouse, friend, pet
  • Serious illness or disease or diagnosis of a loved one that changes life as we know it
  • Loss of physical mobility or independence
  • An incident that violates your security or safety such as an attack or robbery 
  • A significant near-death experience or accident such as a motor vehicle accident or house fire
  • Community events such as environmental disasters such as a cyclone or floods.

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