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Post Relationship Breakup Questions

Post Relationship Breakup Questions (To Help You Move On)

Here are some reflective questions to assist with moving on without bitterness and wounding from a relationship break-up: 

  • Do I have all of my heart back or have I left some parts behind? What parts do I need to re-claim?
  • Can I encourage my heart to love again?
  • Can I forgive?
  • Can I choose which conversations I will participate in? (to others and in my head and do these conversations empower me or drag me back?)
  • Do I determine how much respect is in my communication and relationships (operating out of the best of myself, holding myself and others to account)
  • What boundaries can I set?
  • Does my YES mean YES, and my NO mean NO (or am I flagging that I can be manipulated or malleable)?
  • Do I decide where I spend my time, talent, energy and resources? (intentionality)
  • Do I know how to keep my love, joy and peace on at all times? (spiritual integration)
  • Am I good at identifying the feelings and needs that I have (Honest self-reflection and facing my truth)
  • Am I good at valuing those feelings and needs? (identification is first, then prioritising)
  • Am I good at communicating those feelings and needs? (letting others know and not expecting mind reading or letting others get away with not respecting your feelings and needs)
  • Do the people I choose to be in a relationship with know how to do the same? (iron sharpens iron)
  • Do they value me?
  • Do they value themselves?
  • Do they control themselves?
  • Have they forgiven those they need to?

(Based on questions posed in the Relationship Breakup Mediations on “Soul Time” App by Danny Silk)

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