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What is it that you’re currently facing in life?  Or is there something that keeps coming up that you’ve been wrestling with for a while?  Have life circumstances shaken your sense of who you are or have you arrived at a place where you didn’t expect to be and are trying to make sense of things? Perhaps there has been a specific trauma or a deep sense of grief and loss?

What things make up who you are? What family and societal contexts have influenced you and do they align with who you want to be?  What can you change and what things do you need to accept? Are you truly living or just surviving?

At Life Sense Counselling, we can help you understand those hard-to-answer questions. Call 0413 742 076 to speak to Sara, our qualified, caring counsellor in Carindale.


What is individual therapy?

Through self-examination and individual therapy, you can get to know yourself better and learn to embrace all aspects of yourself – strengths, weaknesses, habits, patterns of behaviour, inner self-talk, core beliefs and values.  Self-insight is the key to understanding yourself and then navigating what your choices are and what you want to do with those choices.

My therapeutic approach is person-centred and features warm, non-judgmental and authentic listening.  I’m a Brisbane-based empathetic, open-minded, curious and hopeful individual therapist.  I’m willing to come alongside you and get in your wrestle, not letting go until you have prevailed to a place of self-understanding, self-love and sense of meaningful purpose.

Part of our work involves exploring incongruencies, making interpretations and bringing to consciousness patterns that are emerging. I aim to actively facilitate your free will and responsibility to make your own choices.

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How much does individual therapy cost?

Service Type: Individual Therapy/Counselling

Price: $120/Session

Currency: AUD

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individual counselling

what is individual therapy

how much does individual therapy cost

Individual Therapy

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